Ail example sentences

Those who want really different policies have no option available to them.But you must give your solution in details and offer reasons for your choice.For a long while, British experts in the Indian Railways were unwilling to believe that good quality steel could be produced in India.These prepared detailed records of the number of people in all the provinces of India, noting information on castes, religions and occupation.For example, a child who does not pass successfully through the phallic stage fails to resolve the Oedipal complex and may still feel hostile toward the parent of the same sex.A retailer performs different functions in the distribution of goods and services.Access is functionally available with the following seven-object classes.In the fifteenth century European sailors undertook unprecedented explorations of sea routes.You pettifogger! All your people were like that! All of them! Never mind about my people! The Lomovs have all been honourable people, and not one has ever been tried for embezzlement, like your grandfather! You Lomovs have had lunacy in your family, all of you! All, all, all! Your grandfather was a drunkard, and your younger aunt, Nastasya Mihailovna, ran away with an architect, and so on.Examples are construction of roads, bridges, railways, harbours, generating electricity, providing irrigation through dams etc.Think over it, how we can help our railway in running as per the scheduled time.They also deal in consumer items and provide service to consumers in terms of making the products available where needed.Share Capital: It is the first item on the liabilities side of the balance sheet and shows details of authorised capital, and issued and paid-up capital in terms of the number and amount of each type of share, and so also the amounts of calls in arears and the forefeited shares as explained Chapter This item includes various reserves such as capital reserves, capital redemption reserves, balance of securities premium account, general reserve, credit balance of profit and loss account, and other reserves specifying the nature of each reserve and the amount in respect thereof including the additions during the current year.Since water is available, the people grow date palms.But on the other hand, if you had read the story in the India Daily, you would know that the protests are because a lot of livelihoods will be lost if the factories close because the relocation efforts have not been adequate.

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