Approve example sentences

Existing socialist parties in Europe did not wholly approve of the way the Bolsheviks took power – and kept it.Lending by commercial banks consists mainly of cash credit, demand and shortterm loans to private investors and banks' investments in government securities and other approved bonds.After the Revolution, the French people approved a democratic constitution.Government inspectors continued to approve the procedures in the plant, even when repeated incidents of leaks from the plant made it obvious to everybody that things were seriously wrong.Can you guess why? Recall what you read about the Parliament in the earlier class and try to imagine what the Parliament could have done if it did not approve of the Cabinet's decision.Recently, the board of Titan Industries has approved the issue of partly convertible debentures on a rights basis to raise around Rs.Let us learn to dream, gentlemen, and then perhaps we shall learn the truth but let us beware of making our dreams public before they have been approved by the waking mind.Applications that used the communal categories favoured by the colonial state were, as this letter shows, more likely to be approved.They have to choose the ruling party and the candidates approved by it.At a meeting of the All Russian Congress of Soviets in Petrograd, the majority approved the Bolshevik action.In such case voucher may be prepared showing the necessary details and got approved by appropriate authority within the firm.The practice of ijaradari, thoroughly disapproved of by the Mughals, spread all over India in the eighteenth century.When individuals see that such behaviour is shown by others, is expected and socially approved, they may ultimately develop a positive attitude towards such behaviour and the associated feelings of devotion.

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