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For example, when a student buys a set of new pens after doing poorly in an examination, s/he may try to rationalise her/his behaviour by asserting, “I will do much better with these pens”.Assertiveness is a behaviour or skill that helps to communicate, clearly and confidently, our feelings, needs, wants, and thoughts.But the new buildings had to assert British importance: that is why the architect made sure that the iceroy's Palace was higher than Shah Jahan's Jama Masjid! New Delhi took nearly 20 years to build.It is through raids that the power of different pastoral groups was asserted.To assert the change, new uniforms were designed for the army and officials, following a clothing competition organised in 1918 – when the Soviet hat (budeonovka) was chosen.Does the student acquire such physical culture? We can assert that modern curricula do not impart physical education in this sense.Thus, a society whose culture values competition and assertiveness may accept aggressive behaviour, whereas one that emphasises cooperation and family values (such as in India) may consider aggressive behaviour as unacceptable or even abnormal.For example, the schema of accounts relation, as shown above, asserts that every account has a Code, Name and a Type.Assertiveness, time management, rational thinking, improving relationships, self-care, and overcoming unhelpful habits such as perfectionism, procrastination, etc.If you are assertive, you feel confident, and have high self-esteem and a solid sense of your own identity.In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, published in 1874, young Jane is shown as independent and assertive.As a result, each tuple in accounts relation can be interpreted as a fact or an instance of assertion.Everyone does not have these characteristics, many of us have to relearn specific life skills in areas such as rational thinking, and assertiveness to equip ourselves better to cope with the demands of everyday life, etc.The Catholic clans that inhabited the Scottish Highlands suffered terrible repression whenever they attempted to assert their independence.Individuals characterised by this personality are cooperative, unassertive and patient.

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