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A rope attached to the belt went through a pulley that ran on an overhead cable.They include generalised anxiety disorder, which consists of prolonged, vague, unexplained and intense fears that are not attached to any particular object.Indian cultural tradition provides us with certain effective mechanisms (e.g., fasting in vrata or roza and nonattachment with worldly things) for developing self-control.equity shares and preference shares, according to the provisions of The Companies Act, 195 Preference shares again are of different types based on varying shades of rights attached to them.Based upon the number of carbon atoms attached to a carbon atom, the carbon atom is termed as primary (1°), secondary (2°), tertiary (3°) or quaternary (4°).By gender, then, we mean the many social values and stereotypes our cultures attach to the biological distinction 'male' and 'female'.In one of the isomers, the bromine atoms are attached to the doubly bonded carbon atoms whereas in the other, they are attached to the singly bonded carbons.attached to carbon atoms in alkanes or other classes of compounds.By attaching her love to the father a girl tries to symbolically marry him and raise a family.You may note that the hydrogen atoms attached to the triply bonded carbons are acidic but not all the hydrogen atoms of alkynes.Asexual reproduction in most brown algae is by biflagellate zoospores that are pear-shaped and have two unequal laterally attached flagella.Many have the same non-carbon atom or group of atoms attached to different carbon chains.Common people in India attach a lot of importance to elections.These structures serve as the sites of attachment of spindle fibres (formed by the spindle fibres) to the chromosomes that are moved into position at the centre of the cell.Why is it so ? Has it something to do with their structures and the hybridisation ? You have read that hydrogen atoms in ethyne are attached to the sp hybridised carbon atoms whereas they are attached to sp2 hybridised carbon atoms in ethene and sp3 hybridised carbons in ethane.

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