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In order to understand the dynamic nature of the reaction, synthesis of ammonia is carried out with exactly the same starting conditions (of partial pressure and temperature) but using D2 (deuterium) in place of H The reaction mixtures starting either with H2 or D2 reach equilibrium with the same composition, except that D2 and ND3 are present instead of H2 and NH After equilibrium is attained, these two mixtures are mixed together and left for a while.It will be observed that the mercury level in the right limb of the manometer slowly increases and finally attains a constant value, that is, the pressure inside the box increases and reaches a constant value.Equilibrium constant is applicable only when concentrations of the reactants and products have attained their equilibrium state.The atomic number of carbon is What would be the distribution of electrons in various shells for carbon? How many valence electrons will carbon have? We know that the reactivity of elements is explained as their tendency to attain a completely filled outer shell, that is, attain noble gas configureuration.In the case of carbon, it has four electrons in its outermost shell and needs to gain or lose four electrons to attain noble gas configureuration.When people have common motives or goals, they get together and form a group which may facilitate their goal attainment.Competitive goals are set in such a way that each individual can get her/his goal only if others do not attain their goals.During the hot weather the Gujars usually drive their herds to the upper range, where the buffaloes rejoice in the rich grass which the rains bring forth and at the same time attain condition from the temperate climate and the immunity from venomous flies that torment their existence in the plains.He considered the world around us to be an illusion or maya, and preached renunciation of the world and adoption of the path of knowledge to understand the true nature of Brahman and attain salvation.Directing helps to initiate action by people in the organisation towards attainment of desired objectives.With increase in number of branched chains, the molecule attains the shape of a sphere.Experiment 1, 2, 3 and 4 were performed taking different concentrations of H2 and / or I2, and with time it was observed that intensity of the purple colour remained constant and equilibrium was attained.A cooperative goal, on the other hand, is one in which each individual can attain the goal only if other members of the group also attain the goal.The shared electrons 'belong' to the outer shells of both the atoms and lead to both atoms attaining the noble gas configureuration.Whether they were only the outlying districts of the city, or places beyond in the surrounding country — who knew? — they attained a special fascination simply because they were unknown to her and remained out of her reach.

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