Avoid example sentences

No business can avoid risk, although the amount of risk may vary from business to business.For instance, if they face an excess supply in the current production cycle they will plan to produce less in the next cycle so as to avoid accumulation of stocks in their warehouses.People who procrastinate are deliberately avoiding confronting their fears of failure or rejection.The Pangi village was completely vacated to avoid any possible loss of life.To avoid this, large organisations normally appoint one more cashier (petty cashier) and maintain a separate cash book to record these transactions.I think good sense is shown more in the ability to avoid pain than in the mere desire to do so.The import order should be carefully drafted so as to avoid any ambiguity and consequent conflict between the importer and exporter.In the product method, to avoid double counting, we need to deduct the value of intermediate goods and take into account only the aggregate value of final goods and services.Personal opinion, judgments and estimates are made while preparing the financial statements to avoid any possibility of over statement of assets and liabilities, income and expenditure, keeping in mind the convention of conservatism.“To avoid any further delay, I will come to the point right away.This role played by supervisor helps to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts between management and workers/employees.Climate: People usually avoid extreme climates that are very hot or very cold like Sahara desert, polar regions of Russia, Canada and Antarctica.An appropriate distance between the seeds is important to avoid overcrowding of plants.Environmental stresses are aspects of our surroundings that are often unavoidable such as air pollution, crowding, noise, heat of the summer, winter cold, etc.To avoid this problem, we assume that the elasticity of supply is infinite – i.e., supply schedule is horizontal – at the fixed price.

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