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Through the policy of 1991, the government of India moved the country to this globalisation pattern.This has demonstrated that people also can play an important role in the struggle for fair globalisation.Globalisation means the integration of the various economies of the world leading towards the emergence of a cohesive global economy.Globalisation and the pressure of competition have substantially changed the lives of workers.The policy of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation of the Government has made a significant impact on the working of enterprises in business and industry.In this chapter, we looked at the present phase of globalisation.Indian cattle belong to two different species, Bos indicus, cows, and Bos bubalis, buffaloes.Under globalisation, particularly after 1990, the farmers in India have been exposed to new challenges.In essence, this policy has sought to liberate industry from the shackles of the licensing system (liberalisation), drastically reduce the role of the public sector (privatisation) and encourage foreign private participation in India's industrial development (globalisation).MNCs are playing a major role in the globalisation process.Globalisation is this process of rapid integration or interconnection between countries.Rapid improvement in technology has been one major factor that has stimulated the globalisation process.Quartz, cristobalite and tridymite are some of the crystalline forms of silica, and they are interconvertable at suitable temperature.While globalisation has benefited well-off consumers and also producers with skill, education and wealth, many small producers and workers have suffered as a result of the rising competition.Since globalisation is now a reality, the question is how to make globalisation more 'fair'? Fair globalisation would create opportunities for all, and also ensure that the benefits of globalisation are shared better.

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