Cheap example sentences

MNCs set up offices and factories for production in regions where they can get cheap labour and other resources.In the past two to three decades, more and more MNCs have been looking for locations around the world which would be cheap for their production.So the object is made from a cheaper metal and only a coating of chromium over it is deposited.I just remember reaching out for the new drink and watching helplessly as my arm, like some cheap prop in one of those 1950s horror movies with a name like The Undead Limb, violently swept the drink from its perch and onto her lap.From the 1680s there started a craze for printed Indian cotton textiles in England and Europe mainly for their exquisite floral designs, fine texture and relative cheapness.Magazines were attractive since they were illustrated and cheap.GET a cheap room in the centre of town and sleep for hours.” They give you five dollars,” laughed the man, “and a cheap suit, and tell you not to get caught again.Produced by machines at lower costs, the imported cotton goods were so cheap that weavers could not easily compete with them.These were far cheaper and far more accessible than the manuscripts that you have read about in Class .Cheap and affordable credit is crucial for the country's development Graph 2 shows the importance of formal and informal sources of credit for people in urban areas.The fundamental reason behind international business is that the countries cannot produce equally well or cheaply all that they need.These contractors drove the local people away and got cheap labour from outside.This means that along with water, we also need to provide cheap agricultural credit to the farmers for farming to improve.They attract floating customers and deal mainly in goods of cheap variety like hosiery products, toys, cigarettes, soft drinks, etc.

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