Close example sentences

Thus, all accounts of a firm are closed in case of dissolution.Greatest damage is usually closest to the epicentre and the strength of the earthquake decreases away from the centre.When all accounts are settled and the final payment is made to the partners for the amounts due to them, the books of the firm are closed.They drove out villagers who had small cottages on the commons, and they prevented the poor from entering the enclosed fields.You may have got some bad news in the family (for example, death of a close relative) or watched your favourite character dying in a film or got less marks than you hoped for or lost your pet.At the end of each period is a noble gas element with a closed valence shell ns2np6 configureuration.Necessary required changes are fully disclosed by presenting them in the financial statements indicating their probable effects on the financial results of business.However, the pesticide controversy adversely affected the sales of both Coke and Pespi as consumers started watching their diet more closely.On the first day the line was out of order; on the second the exchange was closed for a religious holiday.In harvesting, crops are pulled out or cut close to the ground.As their population increased within this enclosed space, they started showing aggressive and unusual behaviour, such as biting the tails of other rats.Most regions of the world are in closer contact with each other than a few decades back.Why was there such a frantic effort to enclose lands? What did the enclosures imply? The new enclosures were different from the old.They are also closer to nature, more dependent on natural events such as the monsoon, and may face situations in which necessary natural resources such as water are in limited supply.I held her close to me and cried into that beautiful orange fur.

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