Completion example sentences

If required, the plan is modified so that execution and timely completion of project is under control.And in her smiling eyes was the light of a deep satisfaction that an artist feels when contemplating the completion of her masterpiece.It represents the sequence of those activities which are important for timely completion of the project and where no delays can be allowed without delaying the entire project.Every individual in the hierarchy is responsible for successful completion of a particular task.In such cases, K will be much larger than We may expect strongly exothermic reactions to have a large K, and hence can go to near completion.Different crops require different climatic conditions, temperature and photoperiods for their growth and completion of their life cycle.The reactions that proceed nearly to completion and only negligible concentrations of the reactants are left.Some of them require reporting associations with stimuli (e.g., words, inkblots), some involve story writing around pictures, some require sentence completions, some require expression through drawings, and some require choice of stimuli from a large set of stimuli.Similarly, in the large scale production of CaO (used as important building material) from CaCO3, constant removal of CO2 from the kiln drives the reaction to completion.In the event of shares not being fully called-up till the completion of allotment, the directors have the authority to ask for the remaining amount on shares as and when they decide about the same.After the completion of the drawing, the subject is generally asked to draw the figureure of an opposite sex person.In addition, CPM also requires making cost estimates for completion of project.

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