Concerning example sentences

The second includes Nath literature such as the songs of Maynamati and Gopichandra, stories concerning the worship of Dharma Thakur, and fairy tales, folk tales and ballads.There were also discussion circles … Legal meetings took place on matters concerning [official issues], but this activity was skillfully integrated into the general struggle for the liberation of the working class.The second is the meta or a higher order component, which involves planning concerning what to do and how to do.The principle of full disclosure requires that all material and relevant facts concerning financial performance of an enterprise must be fully and completely disclosed in the financial statements and their accompanying footnotes.The Chambers of Commerce and Industry help in many activities concerning inter state movement of goods which includes registration of vehicles, surface transport policies, construction of highways and roads.These sights so moved him that he at once became a beggar and went out into the world to seek enlightenment concerning the sorrows he had witnessed.Analysis of financial statements reveals important facts concerning managerial performance and the efficiency of the firm.It represent data concerning people, places, objects entities, events, etc.Data represent facts concerning people, places, objects, entities, events or even concepts.

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