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Research has shown that highly intelligent people, those who are confident of themselves, those who are strongly committed and have a high selfesteem are less likely to conform.In such a case, the minority member(s) would be more likely to conform because the group pressure would be stronger.Conformity is the most indirect form (you are conforming because you do not want to deviate from the norm).They illustrate some of the conditions that determine the extent of conformity, and also methods that may be adopted for the study of conformity in groups.Conformity takes place because of informational influence, i.e. influence that results from accepting evidence rather than reality.Alkanes can thus have infinite number of conformations by rotation around C-C single bonds.The conditions described above show how the features of the situation are important in determining the degree of conformity shown.One such conformation in which hydrogen atoms attached to two carbons are as closed together as possible is called eclipsed conformation and the other in which hydrogens are as far apart as possible is known as the staggered conformation.The pioneering experiments on conformity were carried out by Sherif and Asch.Eclipsed and the staggered conformations can be represented by Sawhorse and Newman projections.It has not been possible to separate and isolate different conformational isomers of ethane.Thus there are infinite number of conformations of ethane.It not only helps in keeping a track on the progress of activities but also ensures that activities conform to the standards set in advance so that organisational goals are achieved.It is based on the assumption that socially accepted behaviour is not abnormal, and that normality is nothing more than conformity to social norms.This would be a case of compliance also called 'external/public conformity'.

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