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And despite the secular ideals enshrined in the Constitution, there have been clashes between different religious groups in many states.Like South Africa, India's Constitution was also drawn up under very difficult circumstances.A third feature of the Constitution was that it offered special privileges for the poorest and most disadvantaged Indians.The Constitution mentions one extreme form of social discrimination, the practice of untouchability, and clearly directs the government to put an end to it.So, the makers of our Constitution thought of a special system of reserved constituencies for the weaker sections.Finally, the Constitution also prohibits child labour.As part of their effort to implement the Constitution, both state and central governments create specific schemes for implementation in tribal areas or in areas that have a high Dalit population.This is called the Right to Constitutional Remedies.But this textbook will not cover all the salient features of the institutional design in the Indian Constitution.Article 17 of the Constitution states that untouchability has been abolished – what this means is that no one can henceforth prevent Dalits from educating themselves, entering temples, using public facilities etc.There is a constitutional requirement in India (Article 112) to present before the Parliament a statement of estimated receipts and expenditures of the government in respect of every financial year which runs from 1 April to 31 March.The makers of our Constitution were aware of this challenge.How people respond to stress is substantially influenced by their perceptions, personalities and biological constitutions.Just to clarify this, the Constitution says that reservations of this kind are not a violation of the Right to Equality.While Fundamental Rights are the source of all rights, our Constitution and law offers a wider range of rights.

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