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He/she normally buys goods in large quantities from wholesalers and sells them in small quantities to the ultimate consumers.As with the law on minimum wages, which is meant to protect workers, there are also laws that protect the interests of producers and consumers in the market.For example, changes in government's economic policies, rapid technological developments, political uncertainty, changes in fashions and tastes of consumers and increased competition in the market — all influence the working of a business enterprise in important ways.In that way the consumers get only a limited choice of goods.Till the 1970s, consumer organisations were largely engaged in writing articles and holding exhibitions.Human beings must consume to survive and work and it is consumption of the basic necessities of life – food, clothing, shelter that make us function.International business helps a country to earn foreign exchange which it can later use for meeting its imports of capital goods, technology, petroleum products and fertilisers, pharmaceutical products and a host of other consumer products which otherwise might not be available domestically.The concentration stress of an added reactant/product is relieved by net reaction in the direction that consumes the added substance.Because of all these efforts, the movement succeeded in bringing pressure on business firms as well as government to correct business conduct which may be unfair and against the interests of consumers at large.As population is growing, second and third generations have larger number of consumers.These logos and certification help consumers get assured of quality while purchasing the goods and services.Retailers are an important link between the producers and final consumers.Thus, the Act has enabled us as consumers to have the right to represent in the consumer courts.On account of retailer's services, the manufacturers and wholesalers are freed from the botheration of making individual sales to consumers in small quantities.It publishes a variety of materials to create consumer awareness in India.

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