Deeply example sentences

Richard Ebright has been interested in science since he first began collecting butterflies but not so deeply that he hasn t time for other interests.Deeply critical of these developments, novelists such as Charles Dickens wrote about the terrible effects of industrialisation on people's lives and characters.In rural areas people would collect to hear one of them reading a novel aloud, often becoming deeply involved in the lives of the characters.In February 1917, food shortages were deeply felt in the workers' quarters.She wished she could be admitted more deeply into her brother's affections and that someday he might take her with him.Ernest had been deeply stirred by the idea that the great man, the noble man, the man of prophecy, after so many ages of delay, was at length to be seen in his native valley.Ramanuja, born in Tamil Nadu in the eleventh century, was deeply influenced by the Alvars.You will see how clothing too, is deeply connected to the politics of colonialism and nationalism, caste and class.What we hear, she feels — far more deeply than any of us.His brow is deeply lined with thought, his head is highly domed.People's belief in the divine was sometimes deeply personal, but more usually it was collective.It was a country deeply divided between Catholics and Protestants.

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