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This phenomenon has been demonstrated in many experiments by Latane and his associates who asked group of male students to clap or cheer as loudly as possible as they (experimenters) were interested in knowing how much noise people make in social settings.A milestone contribution to the understanding of photosynthesis was that made by a microbiologist, Cornelius van Niel (1897-1985), who, based on his studies of purple and green bacteria, demonstrated that photosynthesis is essentially a light-dependent reaction in which hydrogen from a suitable oxidisable compound reduces carbon dioxide to carbohydrates.These experiments demonstrate what Sherif called the 'autokinetic effect'and the 'Asch technique'.She has brought percussion to the front of the orchestra, and demonstrated that it can be very moving.This activity demonstrates the effect of soap in cleaning.The nation-building process in Germany had demonstrated the dominance of Prussian state power.Rulers built temples to demonstrate their devotion to various deities.Human beings also influence the environment through their behaviour, and some of these effects are demonstrated in stress-producing environmental conditions, such as noise, pollution and crowding.Bolsheviks used confiscated land to demonstrate what collective work could be.As expected, frustrated persons did demonstrate more aggression than non-frustrated persons.We have seen (Chapters 2 and 5) that temples and other religious structures were often built by individuals or groups who were becoming powerful – to both demonstrate their power and proclaim their piety.This game has been used in hundreds of experiments to demonstrate that when two parties are involved, there is a conflict between motive to cooperate and motive to compete (see Figureure 2).This can be demonstrated by the use of radioactive isotopes.Sherif conducted a series of experiments to demonstrate how groups form their norms, and members make their judgments according to these norms.Research has demonstrated that social support effectively reduces psychological distress such as depression or anxiety, during times of stress.

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