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Studies have shown that people who are isolated and lack social support, i.e. strong and fulfilling interpersonal relationships in their lives are likely to become more depressed and remain depressed longer than those who have good friendships.The Great Depression, which dealt a blow to the economies of developed countries, had provided Keynes with the inspiration for his writings.For example, women in comparison to men are more likely to report a depressive disorder.Emotional reactions, such as grief and fear, irritability, anger (“Why should this happen to me?”), helplessness, hopelessness (“I could do nothing to prevent this event”), depression, sometimes absolute lack of emotion (numbness), guilt feelings for having survived while someone else in the family died, blaming oneself, and lack of interest in even routine activities.Such a mood disorder, in which both mania and depression are alternately present, is sometimes interrupted by periods of normal mood.All these and the discovery of gold in Klondike and South Africa helped keep deflation at bay till 192 Some economic historians attribute the Great Depression to this shortage of liquidity.The internalising disorders, or overcontrolled problems, are those conditions where the child experiences depression, anxiety, and discomfort that may not be evident to others.Manic episodes rarely appear by themselves; they usually alternate with depression.Some examples are feelings of anxiety and depression, increased physical tension, increased psychological tension and mood swings.In fact, it has been suggested that depression may be a mental disorder largely of the poor.Dalits are also known by other names such as the Scheduled Castes, Depressed Classes etc.Factors Predisposing towards Depression : Genetic make-up, or heredity is an important risk factor for major depression and bipolar disorders.The funds are made available even during periods of depression, when other sources of finance are not available.Psychological stress is accompanied by negative emotions and associated behaviours, including depression, hostility, anger and aggression.These children have higher rates of psychological problems, particularly anxiety, depression, phobias and substance-related disorders.

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