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The cotton textiles which they took back to Europe, along with the spices, came to be called calico (derived from Calicut), and subsequently calico became the general name for all cotton textiles.These groups or substituents are known as alkyl groups as they are derived from alkanes by removal of one hydrogen atom.Hence, if the financial statements contain some errors, the derived numbers in terms of ratio analysis would also present an erroneous scenerio.It derives its strength from IMF members being willing to use it as a reserve currency and use it as a means of payment between central banks to exchange for national currencies.From the population of the economy is derived its workforce, people who contribute to production either by providing their labour and skill or by supplying their capital or entrepreneurship.What are the determinants of the equilibrium value of aggregate demand at fixed price? In other words, what governs whether the equilibrium aggregate demand would be 250 or 210 or 290 in the above example? The equilibrium output and aggregate demand at the fixed price-interest rate is derived by solving.The number of poems has been increased to help learners explore this great source of language, derive the joy of learning through poetry, and understand the music of words.As we will see, some traditions appear specific to some regions, others seem to be similar across regions, and yet others derive from older practices in a particular area, but take a new form in other regions.We derive the formulae for calculating the aggregate income of an economy by each of these methods.For example, date of birth of a person is a stored attribute while age of that person is derived attribute.Social identity refers to those aspects of a person that link her/him to a social or cultural group or are derived from it.Similarly, the value of the metal in a five-rupee coin is probably not worth Rs Why then do people accept such notes and coins in exchange of goods which are apparently more valuable than these? The value of the currency notes and coins is derived from the guarantee provided by the issuing authority of these items.How do they survive and from where do they derive nutrition? Like humans and animals such plants depend on the food produced by other plants.The word 'debenture' has been derived from a Latin word 'debere' which means to borrow.Experts in their respective areas have derived certain basic principles which are applicable to a particular form of art.

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