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If the product to be exported comes under such a category, the exporter needs to contact the Export Inspection Agency (EIA) or the other designated agency for obtaining inspection certificate.Both the controls may be customised according to the requirement of the designer.If all of this is to be done when we touch a hot object, it may take enough time for us to get burnt! How does the design of the body solve this problem? Rather than having to think about the sensation of heat, if the nerves that detect heat were to be connected to the nerves that move muscles in a simpler way, the process of detecting the signal or the input and responding to it by an output action might be completed quickly.Two architects, Edward Lutyens and Herbert Baker, were called on to design New Delhi and its buildings.With carefully designed observation, the clinical psychologist may gain considerable insight into a client's personality.The design of the accounting vouchers depends upon the nature, requirement and convenience of the business.You are required to choose one of the six options that best completes the design.“As for the girls,” she said, “although just one or two sketches were submitted by most, one girl — and Room Thirteen should be proud of her — this one girl actually drew one hundred designs — all different and all beautiful.When Suhasini discovered that her team of designers had produced bedcovers that were more expensive than they had planned to sell, she decided to change the fabric to keep costs in check.A proforma invoice is a document that contains details as to the quality, grade, design, size, weight and price of the export product, and the terms and conditions on which their export will take place.Objective-oriented reporting means designing the report in such a manner as to meet the pre-conceived objectives in view.It is representational data model through which ER design is transformed into inter-related data tables along with the restriction in the form of rules that are specified to ensure the consistency and integrity of stored data.There were drawings all over the room, on every ledge and windowsill, dazzling colours and brilliant, lavish designs, all drawn on great sheets of wrapping paper.For this, the body is designed so that the brain sits inside a bony box.Two list controls appear in the dialog box : one provides for various options to create a Form such as Design view, Form Wizard, Auto Form; etc.

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