Discourage example sentences

Let us recall how much we use body language to encourage or discourage conversation.As a result these companies were discouraged from investing in our country.As we have seen in the case of the south, women and girls were often discouraged from reading novels.Regional dialects were discouraged and French, as it was spoken and written in Paris, became the common language of the nation.It was proper, she thought, not to discourage the fanciful hopes of her little boy.Moreover, using dung cake too is being discouraged because it consumes most valuable manure which could be used in agriculture.However, deliberate attempt to underestimate the value of assets should be discouraged as it will lead to hidden profits, called secret reserves.Carefully devised changes in law can help to discourage wrong political practices and encourage good ones.Partly to remedy this, most non-Russian nationalities were given political autonomy in the Soviet Union (USSR) – the state the Bolsheviks created from the Russian empire in December 192 But since this was combined with unpopular policies that the Bolsheviks forced the local government to follow – like the harsh discouragement of nomadism – attempts to win over different nationalities were only partly successful.The policies of the colonial government ruined traditional handicrafts and discouraged development of industries like textiles.Most of the teachers discouraged her but percussionist Ron Forbes spotted her potential.Here, playing cricket became a sign of superior social and racial status, and the Afro-Caribbean population was discouraged from participating in organised club cricket, which remained dominated by white plantation owners and their servants.

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