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The advantage of this method is that it gives a full picture of all the transactions related to asset disposal at one place.Asset disposal account is designed to provide a complete and clear view of all the transactions involved in the sale of an asset under one account head.Strategies for controlling environmental pollution can be: waste management i.e., reduction of the waste and proper disposal, also recycling of materials and energy, adopting methods in day-to-day life, which results in the reduction of environmental pollution.This meant that residents had, at their disposal, a domestic currency which was freely convertible at a fixed price into another asset (gold) acceptable in international payments.Economic indices, like national income, distribution of income, rate and growth of GNP, per capita income, disposal personal income, rate of savings and investments, value of exports and imports, balance of payments, and so on.Some organisations offer hygienic on-site human waste disposal technology.It is a polluting waste and there are specific disposal guidelines to protect the environment.6,000 but expenses related to its disposal are estimated at Rs.To improve sanitation, low cost onsite sewage disposal systems are being encouraged.The concerned variables are the original cost of the asset, depreciation accumulated on the asset upto date, sale price of the asset, value of the parts of the asset retained for use, if any and the resultant profit or loss on disposal.The improper disposal of wastes is one of the major causes of environmental degradation.Under this method, a new account titled Asset Disposal Account is opened.Disposal of asset can take place either (a) at the end of its useful life or (b) during its useful life (due to obsolescence or any other abnormal factor).It is like a transport system that carries sewage from the point of being produced to the point of disposal, i.e. treatment plant.This happens when the drawee of the bill has funds at his disposal and makes a request to the drawer or holder to accept the payment of the bill before its maturity.

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