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If I hadn't eaten I would have been asked to explain why I did not want any food, and if I had pretended illness the doctor would have been summoned and if the doctor, after feeling my pulse, had declared, Munna has devoured a mound of jalebis, I would simply die.Another factor which influences our help-seeking from a doctor is the perception of pain, which is a function of personality, anxiety and social norms.The stigma attached to mental illness means that people are hesitant to consult a doctor or psychologist because they are ashamed of their problems.For example, we require teachers, doctors, and those who provide personal services such as washermen, barbers, cobblers, lawyers, and people to do administrative and accounting works.” The doctor replied, “I ran and ran till I reached a friend's house.“But why do you ask?” The doctor said “Johnsy, it seems, has made up her mind that she is not going to get well.Similarly, if we are to improve the health situation, we need many more doctors, nurses, health workers etc.Somebody asked, “Doctor, is your wife very fat?” “No,” the doctor said.Didn't his doctor tell him to take special precautions against the cold? But he wouldn't remember to put on a sweater even if it was lying on his bedside chair! How could he when Dibya had put her spell on him? She picked up the white woollen pullover, wrapped herself in a shawl and made her way to the roof, to break up his tete-a-tete with Dibya.I would get married to a woman doctor who had plenty of money and a good medical practice.Reji s suffering shows how a hospital, due to negligence by the doctors and staff in giving anaesthesia, crippled a student for life.He not only forgave him but said he would send his servants and his own doctor to look after him, and he promised to give back the man his property.I was after all a bachelor, and a doctor too on top of it! Again came that noise from above.Do you remember a little reference made earlier to General Bachelet's daughter who was imprisoned and tortured along with her mother? That girl, Michelle Bachelet (pronounced Mishel Bashelet), was elected President of Chile in January 200 A medical doctor and a moderate socialist, Michelle became the first woman to be a Defence Minister in Latin America.Gandhi got a doctor to volunteer his services for six months.

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