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We have also seen what all can be done for increasing employment opportunities in the country.In these villages, farmers grow soyabeans, wheat and coffee in small plots of land, as they have done for thousands of years.Expert estimates done for the Prime Minister's High Level Committee (popularly known as Sachar Committee) show that the proportion of the Muslims is expected to go up a little, by about 3 to 4 per cent, in the next 50 years.Depending upon the duration, crop rotation is done for different crop combinations.The above activity can be done for any sector such as software export house, or an auto company.] What's that? What's the matter with you? [Clutches at his head] Oh, unhappy man that I am! I'll shoot myself! I'll hang myself! We've done for her! I'm dying! Fetch him! CTfoo! At once.Cattle husbandry is done for two purposes milk and draught labour for agricultural work such as tilling, irrigation and carting.Take for example, administrative expenses, whether they are exhibiting increasing tendency or decreasing tendency or remaining constant over the period of comparison, generally trend analysis is done for a reasonably long period.

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