Dry example sentences

She was even bathed and oil was rubbed into her dry and matted hair.The floor of the cattle shed needs to be sloping so as to stay dry and to facilitate cleaning.Unlike the mountain pastoralists, it was not the cold and the snow that defined the seasonal rhythms of their movement: rather it was the alternation of the monsoon and dry season.In the coastal and dry regions, rows of trees are planted to check the wind movement to protect soil cover.When this is done on a large scale, it is called animal husbandry.Growth is, therefore, measured by a variety of parameters some of which are: increase in fresh weight, dry weight, length, area, volume and cell number.Plants that are adapted to dry tropical regions have the C4 pathway mentioned earlier.A very large fraction of our people defecates in the open, on dry riverbeds, on railway tracks, near fields and many a time directly in water.Carbon dioxide can be obtained as a solid in the form of dry ice by allowing the liquified CO2 to expand rapidly.Other herds had to be shifted to the dry plateau at this time.The chemical energy may also be used to do mechanical work when a fuel burns in an engine or to provide electrical energy through a galvanic cell like dry cell.In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, again, the dry central plateau was covered with stone and grass, inhabited by cattle, goat and sheep herders.Manual scavenging refers to the practice of removing human and animal waste/excreta using brooms, tin plates and baskets from dry latrines and carrying it on the head to disposal grounds some distance away.After removing the drying agent by tilting the box on one side, a watch glass (or petri dish) containing water is quickly placed inside the box.Petrol and lower fractions of petroleum are also used for dry cleaning of clothes to remove grease stains.

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