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Similarly, some funds are required for day-to-day operations, say to purchase raw materials, pay salaries to employees, etc.One of the employees, who was a postman and also helped at the post office, went to his boss laughing heartily and showed him the letter to God.For Example: Both PAN(Permanent Account Number) and EMPID are candidate keys in EMPLOYEES relation because of being unique.Each relationship instance of prepared by (short named as PrepBy) associates one voucher entity with one employee entity.Directing guides employees to fully realise their potential and capabilities by motivating and providing effective leadership.It has to achieve a variety of objectives in all areas considering the interest of all stakeholders including, shareholders, employees, customers and the government.By relationship in which Employees and ouchers again participate in binary 1:N relationship.Financial statements are the basic and formal annual reports through which the corporate management communicates financial information to its owners and various other external parties which include– investors, tax authorities, government, employees, etc.Obsessed with profit business managers may neglect all other responsibilities towards customers, employees, investors and society at large.Therefore, the vouchers relation as already formed above in step 1, must also include as foreign key the primary key of Employees, which is EmpId.Each employee is identified by a unique data value called EmpId, which in turn gets reflected in employee table as a column to store for each employee record a unique identification value.Managers should provide opportunity to employees to improve their skills and be promoted to the higher level jobs.Each department and employee is governed by predetermined standards which are well coordinated with one another.Investigators revealed that the two employees were deleting orders from the corporate books after processing them, pocketing the revenues, and building their own company from within.Controlling also helps in judging accuracy of standards, ensuring efficient utilization of resources, boosting employee morale, creating an atmosphere of order and discipline in the organisation and coordinating different activities so that they all work together in one direction to meet targets.

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