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Further, set the Enabled property to No so that the displayed text is not amendable to any changes by the user.But a field with this data type is not amenable to sorting or filtering of data records.All these responses together enable the animal body to be ready to deal with the situation.This is to enable the users to make correct assessment about the profitability and financial soundness of the enterprise and help them to take informed decisions.It prevents precocious reproductive development late in the growing season, and enables the plant to have sufficient time to reach maturity.This enables them to understand that the process of socialisation is not uniform; instead it is socially determined and changes continuously over time.This enables the latter to increase their level of consumption and, thereby, their standard of living.These serve two purposes: first, they recap the ideas discussed in the section and second, they enable better understanding of the themes discussed by bringing the learners closer to their real-life situations.A cash flow statement when used along with other financial statements provides information that enables users to evaluate changes in net assets of an enterprise, its financial structure (including its liquidity and solvency) and its ability to affect the amounts and timings of cash flows in order to adapt to changing circumstances and opportunities.This enables the retailers to manage their business with relatively small amount of working capital.Indeed, they not only enable a wider range of wavelength of incoming light to be utilised for photosyntesis but also protect chlorophyll a from photo-oxidation.Budgeting is a source of motivation to the employees who know the standards against which their performance will be appraised and thus, enables them to perform better.To enable this check, the cashier needs to ensure that the cash book is completely up to date and a recent bank statement (or a bank passbook) has been obtained from the bank.This enables the products of EPZs to be competitive, both qualitywise and price-wise, in the international markets.Cash flow information is useful in assessing the ability of the enterprise to generate cash and cash equivalents and enables users to develop models to assess and compare the present value of the future cash flows of different enterprises.

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