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But the lending institutions may insist on some more assets as collateral security so that the amount of loan can be realised in full with the help of collateral security in case the amount from the sale of principal security should fall short of the loan money.It means the ending of poverty and ignorance and disease and inequality of opportunity.We can measure the uppermost flow (at point A) by measuring the aggregate value of spending that the firms receive for the final goods and services which they produce This method will be called the expenditure method.Normally, the redemption takes place on the expiry of period for which they have been issued, depending upon the terms and conditions of issue.Normally, the redemption takes place on the expiry of period for which they have been issued, depending upon the terms and conditions of issue.Depending upon the duration, crop rotation is done for different crop combinations.Over these years, cultivation methods have changed significantly depending upon the characteristics of physical environment, technological know-how and socio-cultural practices.The intending investors apply for debentures on the basis of the prospectus issued by the company.Depending upon the situation, one can use bicycle, public transport system, or go for carpool.The men graze the cattle, and frequently lie out for weeks in the woods tending their herds.It can be turned into a productive asset by investment in human capital (for example, by spending resources on education and health for all, training of industrial and agricultural workers in the use of modern technology, useful scientific researches and so on).A counter argument is that consumers are forward-looking and will base their spending not only on their current income but also on their expected future income.A few of the large farmers have land extending over 10 hectares or more.The Chipko movement's memorandum of demands included six principles: (a) only specific trees and vegetation suitable for a particular geographical region should be grown, (b) forests in landslide and soil erosion zones need to be identified and renewed, (c) those who have been customarily living near the forests and depending on them for survival should be given the right to do so, (d) the contractor system for commercial timber exploitation should be abolished, (e) trees used by the villagers must be planted near the villages, and (f) village cottage industries based on minor forest products should be set up to provide jobs to locals for checking migration from villages.Different business units need varying amount of fixed capital depending on various factors such as the nature of business, etc.

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