Engage example sentences

Its hero Shivaji engages in many battles against a clever and treacherous Aurangzeb.At other times, they were engaged in building dams, irrigation systems and other public works.Out of every 100 workers in the rural areas in India, only 24 are engaged in non-farm activities.Such persons are also engaged in the selling of goods.Whilst he is thus engaged, another man, similar in build to Gerrard enters from the right silently — revolver in hand.Psychologists have found strong evidence which shows that behaviours we engage in and our lifestyles greatly influence health.A retailer is a business enterprise that is engaged in the sale of goods and services directly to the ultimate consumers.The theory assumes that people are constantly engaged in the process of actualising their true self.Till then, only bank subsidiaries were allowed to engage in leasing operations, which was regarded by the RBI as a non-banking activity.They engage in abstract reasoning, and can manipulate symbols to solve mathematical problems.For example, doctors are engaged in the medical profession and are subject to the regulations of the Medical Council of India, the concerned professional body.Quite often you must have found yourself engaged in knowing and evaluating your own behaviour and that of others.This usually happens among family members engaged in agricultural activity.However, as soon as there are more than one economic agent who engage themselves in transactions through the market, money becomes an important instrument for facilitating these exchanges.Thus, each one is engaged in producing what it is best suited to produce and exchanging the excess produce with others.

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