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Also, this is not permitted either by established accounting practices or by specific provisions of law.Now it consists of two pieces, the blade which is made out of the wood of the willow tree and the handle which is made out of cane that became available as European colonialists and trading companies established themselves in Asia.Similarly, you read of how the case of the slum-dwellers being evicted from Mumbai established the right to livelihood as part of the Right to Life.The Government of India along with 155 other nations have signed the Convention of Biodiversity at the Earth Summit held at Riode Janeiro, Brazil in June 199 To protect, preserve and propagate the variety of species within natural boundaries, the Government of India passed the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972, under which national parks and sanctuaries were established and biosphere reserves declared.Another level of creativity is working on what has already been established earlier by way of modifications, by putting things in new perspectives or to new use.People challenged another established custom – that of child marriage.Conservatives believed that established, traditional institutions of state and society – like the monarchy, the Church, social hierarchies, property and the family – should be preserved.These challenges exist not just in India but also in many established democracies.Once the objectives of the interview are established, the interviewer prepares an interview format.The first Indian club, the Calcutta Cricket Club, was established in 179 Through the eighteenth century, cricket in India was almost wholly a sport played by British military men and civil servants in all-white clubs and gymkhanas.The first mill in Ahmedabad was started in 186 A year later a mill was established in Kanpur, in the United Provinces.Equilibrium can be established for both physical and chemical processes and at this stage rate of forward and reverse reactions are equal.It should be noted that in weak electrolytes, equilibrium is established between ions and the unionized molecules.However, once the East India Company established political power, it could assert a monopoly right to trade.In India, killing of lions, tigers, deers, great Indian bustards and peacocks have been banned An international convention CITES has been established that lists several species of animals and birds in which trade is prohibited.

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