Exhaustion example sentences

The mental exhaustion appears in the form of irritability, anxiety, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.The physical exhaustion is seen in the signs of chronic fatigue, weakness and low energy.Every so often, his eyes would shut in frustrated exhaustion.Do you think such use of forest resources would lead to the exhaustion of these resources? Do not forget that before the British came and took over most of our forest areas, people had been living in these forests for centuries.Continued exposure to the same stressor or additional stressors drains the body of its resources and leads to the third stage of exhaustion.People experience exhaustion and attitudinal problems when the stress due to demands from the environment and constraints are too high and little support is available from family and friends.This state of physical, emotional and psychological exhaustion is known as burnout.Physical reactions, such as bodily exhaustion even without physical activity, difficulty in sleeping, change in the eating pattern, increased heartbeat and blood pressure, and getting startled easily can be found among the victims.

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