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If such “at risk” persons are exposed to these stressors, their predisposition may actually evolve into a disorder.Studies have revealed that women exposed to life event stresses, who had a close friend, were less likely to be depressed and had lesser medical complications during pregnancy.You may have carried out the experiment to look for starch formation in two leaves – a variegated leaf or a leaf that was partially covered with black paper, and one that was exposed to light.Flowering in some plants is induced only when exposed to certain duration of photoperiod.The gymnosperms (gymnos : naked, sperma : seeds) are plants in which the ovules are not enclosed by any ovary wall and remain exposed, both before and after fertilisation.Glaciers are “rivers” of ice which too erode the landscape by bulldozing soil and stones to expose the solid rock below.After fertilisation the seeds remain exposed and therefore these plants are called naked-seeded plants.If we expose three watch glasses containing separately 1mL each of acetone, ethyl alcohol, and water to atmosphere and repeat the experiment with different volumes of the liquids in a warmer room, it is observed that in all such cases the liquid eventually disappears and the time taken for complete evaporation depends on the nature of the liquid, the amount of the liquid and the temperature.Under globalisation, particularly after 1990, the farmers in India have been exposed to new challenges.For example, some plants require the exposure to light for a period exceding a well defined critical duration, while others must be exposed to light for a period less than this critical duration before the flowering is initiated in them.On testing for starch later in the two halves of the leaf, you must have found that the exposed part of the leaf tested positive for starch while the portion that was in the tube, tested negative.Certain plants also need to be exposed to low temperature so as to hasten flowering later in life.Manual scavengers are exposed to subhuman conditions of work and face serious health hazards.Another experiment you may have carried out is the half-leaf experiment, where a part of a leaf is enclosed in a test tube containing some KOH soaked cotton (which absorbs CO2), while the other half is exposed to air.Marine insurance policy: It is a certificate of insurance contract whereby the insurance company agrees in consideration of a payment called premium to indemnify the insured against loss incurred by the latter in respect of goods exposed to perils of the sea.

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