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Cultural characteristics may determine the extent to which a particular environment is judged to be subjectively more crowded or less crowded.The President of India is like the Queen of Britain whose functions are to a large extent ceremonial.After the British took control of the forests (which they exploited ruthlessly for their own purposes), these people were forced to depend on much smaller areas and forest resources started becoming over-exploited to some extent.Your academic success, employment achievement, and personal happiness, to a large extent, depend upon your ability to listen effectively.To what extent has globalisation contributed to the development process? This section draws on the topics covered in Chapters 1 and 2 (for example, what is a fair development goal), which you can refer to.No other element exhibits the property of catenation to the extent seen in carbon compounds.It showed women who could to some extent control their lives.Also as the dividend is payable only at the discretion of the directors and only out of profit after tax, to that extent, these resemble equity shares.One may ask : Is crowding always experienced in high density settings, and do all people experience its negative effects to the same extent? If you answered both questions by saying 'no', you are right.Natural disasters, such as floods, droughts, landslides, quakes on the earth or under the ocean, can affect people's emotions to such an extent that they experience deep depression and sorrow, a sense of complete helplessness and lack of control over their lives.The liability of the members of a cooperative store is generally limited to the extent of the capital contributed by them.The extent of the area available for grazing has gone down tremendously with the extension of area under cultivation because of increasing population, extension of irrigation facilities, acquiring the pastures for Government purposes, for example, defence, industries and agricultural experimental farms.For example, we may ask a child to indicate the extent to which statements such as “I am good at homework”, or “I am the one usually chosen for the games”, or “I am highly liked by my peers”, are true of her/ him.?rG0 also depends upon ?rS0, if the changes in the entropy of reaction is also taken into account, the value of K or extent of chemical reaction will also be affected, depending upon whether ?rS0 is positive or negative.Since there is a greater possibility of competition for resources in a crowded setting, the reaction to that setting would be influenced by the extent of tolerance for competition for resources.

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