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Similarly, organisational psychologists working in the organisational context need to have skills in assessment, facilitation and consultation, behavioural skills to bring about individual, group, team and organisational development besides research skills, etc.Two such examples are social facilitation/ inhibition, i.e. the improvement/decline in performance in the presence of others, and helping, or pro-social behaviour, i.e. responding to others who are in need or distress.Since social facilitation has been briefly discussed in Chapter 6, we would try to understand the phenomenon of social loafing in this section.What is the nature of this influence? What impact does the presence of others have on our performance? We will discuss two situations : an individual performing an activity alone in the presence of others (social facilitation), and an individual performing an activity along with the others as part of a larger group (social loafing).Social facilitation research suggests that presence of others leads to arousal and can motivate individuals to enhance their performance if they are already good at solving something.Though facilitation of exchanges is considered to be the principal role of money, it serves other purposes as well.The buccal cavity performs two major functions, mastication of food and facilitation of swallowing.

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