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Source credibility and attractiveness are two features that affect attitude change.We can do so by understanding each word in this definition carefully and spelling out the features of a democratic government.They are an important basic feature of India's Constitution.If there is no such government, if there are no rulers and ruled, how can we apply the two features of democracy here? These two features, you would recall, were that the rulers should be elected by the people and that people should have basic political freedoms.The conditions described above show how the features of the situation are important in determining the degree of conformity shown.Dissociative fugue has, as its essential feature, an unexpected travel away from home and workplace, the assumption of a new identity, and the inability to recall the previous identity.This way of defining democracy helps us to identify a clear set of minimal features that a democracy must have.You must have understood from the foregoing discussion that manage-ment has features of both art and science.The knowledge of trend helps in making projections about the business which is a very useful feature.The plains of the Ganga and the Brahmaputra, the mountains and the foothills of the Himalayas and the Sundarbans delta are the main features of this basin.each disorder, a description of the main clinical features or symptoms, and of other associated features including diagnostic guidelines is provided in this scheme.A distinguishing feature of obedience is that such behaviour is a response to a person in authority.Naturalistic (sensitivity to the features of the natural world) : This involves complete awareness of our relationship with the natural world.It is believed that good physical features attract people.Four significant features of attitudes are : alence (positivity or negativity), Extremeness, Simplicity or Complexity (multiplexity), and Centrality.

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