Feel example sentences

While you may feel hungry for a chocolate, an Eskimo may not.There is this intense feeling of 'we' and 'other' (also referred to as 'they').He opens the question paper, his heart pounding, hands clammy with sweat and then he feels his mind has gone completely blank.Each ant greets all the others coming from the opposite direction by touching their feelers.Therefore, Dalits can 'invoke' or 'draw on' a Fundamental Right (or Rights) in situations where they feel that they have been treated badly by some individual or community, or even by the government.They also feel that their vote matters in the way things are run in the country.Group members feel less responsible for the overall task being performed and therefore exert less effort.The goals that provide us with security and help us in overcoming the feelings of inadequacy are important in our personality development.The symptoms include worry and apprehensive feelings about the future; hypervigilance, which involves constantly scanning the environment for dangers.t is the feeling side of intelligence.Freud used free association (a method in which a person is asked to openly share all the thoughts, feelings and ideas that come to her/his mind), dream analysis, and analysis of errors to understand the internal functioning of the mind.Others, usually celebrities who see themselves as its victims, might despise the interview as an unwarranted intrusion into their lives, or feel that it somehow diminishes them, just as in some primitive cultures it is believed that if one takes a photographic portrait of somebody then one is stealing that person's soul.On the other hand, highly industrialised societies feel less close to and less dependent on nature.Their minds and hearts are filled with sorrow, unrest and tension and they feel that they are unable to move ahead in their lives; they feel life is a painful, uphill struggle, sometimes not worth living.However, certain sensations are distinct from seeing or hearing, for example, how do we know that we have eaten enough? The sensation of feeling full is because of a centre associated with hunger, which is in a separate part of the fore-brain.

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