Field example sentences

When a field s required property is set to Yes, a user must enter data in the field before saving the record.As you have seen in the textbook last year, this was a time when open fields were disappearing and commons were being enclosed.In recent years they have been migrating to Haryana where sheep can graze on agricultural fields after the harvests are cut.The default value, when set for control, has an overriding effect over the default value set at the underlying field level.Besides she also works in the field along with her husband in the busy season and supplements his earnings.Prior to World War , many naturally occurring chemicals such as nicotine (by planting tobacco plants in the crop field), were used as pest controlling substance for major crops in agricultural practices.Its data type can be Number with field size set to double; format set to standard; decimal places set to 2 and default value set to 0.It is a label used for the field in datasheet view and on the Forms and reports.The main canal is divided into branch canals having further distributaries to irrigate fields.This can be achieved by right clicking at the field to be specified as primary key followed by primary key item of right clicked window.These skills are essential for all professional psychologists, whether they are working in the field of clinical and health psychology, industrial/ organisational, social, educational, or in environmental settings, or are acting as consultants.In case of bound controls, the user cannot enter data into the control, if the validation rules for control and the underlying field are in conflict.This must be followed by right click at selected fields to mark the selected fields as primary key.How much hay have you stacked? Just think, I felt greedy and had a whole field cut, and now I'm not at all pleased about it because I'm afraid my hay may rot.However, the initial selection of a table/query in the second row of QBE grid restricts the choice of fields to the selected table/query only.

Meaning in Hindi Meaning in English 1. Burbank to consider sponsoring grassroots event 2. Rams have L.A. back in Super Bowl after breathtaking win over Saints 3. Indie Focus: Pushing boundaries with ‘Glass,’ ‘Fyre’ docs and ‘La Religeuse’ 4. Joseph Bulovas drives 25-yard field goal to give Alabama 16-14 lead 5. Ravens block Michael Badgley's field goal attempt 6. Kicker Greg Huegel makes 36-yard field goal to give Clemson 31-16 lead at halftime 7. Kemp-Kallem legacy now extends to Burbank High athletic field 8. Missed field goal on final play lifts Philadelphia Eagles past Chicago Bears in NFL playoffs 9. Ravens make field goal after recovering Chargers' fumble 10. Michael Badgley gives Chargers 12-0 halftime lead with 35-yard field goal 11. Did Treyvon Hestor tip Cody Parkey's missed field goal attempt at the end of the Eagles-Bears game? 12. Michael Badgley's 5th field goal extends Chargers' lead to 23-3 13. Michael Badgley nails third field goal to give Chargers 9-0 lead 14. Lawsuit by current and former employees accuses H.B. city attorney of age discrimination and hostile work environment 15. Michael Badgley drills 53-yard field goal to give Chargers 6-0 lead 16. Athletic field moves closer to being named after Burbank High icons 17. Birmingham Bowl: Wake Forest wins on missed field goal by Memphis 18. Jack Sock, Coco Vandeweghe lead field as tennis tournament returns to Newport Beach 19. Valerie Fields, former LAUSD board member and staffer to former Mayor Tom Bradley, dies 20. Huntington Beach edged by Harvard-Westlake in field hockey final