Field example sentences

Immediately, there is a window titled Simple Query Wizard (Shown in figureure: 1 6) that prompts the user to select a field from a table or an existing query that is to be included in the query being created.The open fields disappeared, and the customary rights of peasants were undermined.It is important to ensure that every essential field must appear in the Form, if the Form is being designed to enter records rather than displaying just part of record contents.It is meant to indicate as to how the field s contents are displayed.Coloured dress, protective helmets, field restrictions, cricket under lights, became a standard part of the post-Packer game.This field has been designated as primary key because it has unique values across a set of category records.Its field size is required to have a length of six characters because every account is designed to have six digits at leaf level.Savita knows that she will have to work very hard to complete harvesting on her own field, and then work as a farm labourer for Tejpal Singh.This property is normally set to vertical for text control to interact with data pertaining to Memo field.The Report wizard allows a designer to choose the fields from multiple tables along with specification for grouping, sorting and formatting of information content in report.So, two more members of the family can be employed in her own field.Sand buried fences, covered fields, and coated the surfaces of rivers till the fish died.She often helps them in irrigating the fields with water running through a bamboo canal from the nearby spring.Since there may be more than one support documents annexed to a voucher, the values stored in this column cannot be unique and therefore this column alone cannot be a primary key field.Unlike gender differences, the religious differences are often expressed in the field of politics.

Meaning in Hindi Meaning in English 1. This chef has put on pop-up dinners in 15 countries and all 50 states 2. Glendale track and field tops Hoover 3. UCLA's women's gymnastics team wins a national title and brings out the best in the sport 4. Big weekend of track and field, swimming for prep athletes 5. Local track and field athletes to fight for title of best in Orange County 6. As he closes in on 3,000 hits, Albert Pujols is a Hall of Famer on and off the field 7. Felicia Crenshaw and Skyler Magula win track and field titles at Orange County Championships 8. Burbank boys' track defeats Burroughs to win league championship 9. High School Track and Field Preview: Throws and pole vault at center of attention again 10. Third time is the charm for Tayla Crenshaw at Mt. SAC Relays 11. Dodgers move Chris Taylor to infield for a night to get Joc Pederson more at-bats 12. Winnetka home of Olympic great Jackie Joyner-Kersee hits the market 13. We see him in a field of flowers, we hear him in our laughter 14. Indie Focus: Image and reality in 'I Feel Pretty,' 'Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami' and 'Godard Mon Amour' 15. Battle of the Bay is first track meet in new Davidson Field 16. Albert Pujols gets his 2,992nd hit with two-run home run in Angels' 4-3 win over Giants 17. This weekend's races should put the finishing touches on the Kentucky Derby field 18. Commentary: Cleveland High baseball coach could use some support after suspension for setting field on fire 19. Dodgers 'confident' in field condition after sewage incident; fans offered discounts to Marlins series 20. Dodgers Dugout: Who will play left field for the Dodgers?