Fill in example sentences

Once he wrote to the residents that it was time to fill in the old latrine trenches and dig new ones otherwise the old ones would begin to smell bad.Can you fill in the blanks by recalling the rights dimension in each chapter? Chapter One: Chile under Pinochet and Poland under Jaruzelsky were not democratic because … Chapter Two: A comprehensive definition of democracy includes … Chapter Three: Our Constitution makers believed that fundamental rights were quite central to the Constitution because … Chapter Four: Every adult citizen of India has the right to .Based on the above discussion can you compare plants showing the C3 and the C4 pathway? Use the table format given and fill in the information.Today, how many times did you tell yourself : “In my opinion…” or “Others may say so and so, but I feel…”? What you fill in the blanks are called opinions.Use the diagram shown in the margin to fill in the blanks below.A huge mass of ocean water flowed to fill in the gap that was being created by the displacement.

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