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Archaeologists also look for bones — of animals, birds, and fish — to find out what people ate in the past.पुरातत्त्वविद् जानवरों, चिड़ियों तथा मछलियों की हड्डियां भी ढूँढ़ते हैं| इससे उन्हें यह जानने में भी मदद मिलती है कि अतीत में लोग क्या खाते थे|Locate the 6 nuclear power stations and find out the state in which they are located.First we spend one whole chapter discussing democracies in different parts of the world and then we want to find out the meaning of democracy.Find out the difference between the total of debit side and the total of credit side of the account and enter the same on the credit side as the closing balance of cash/bank.But can we call this place a democracy? How do we find out if the people like their representatives or not? How do we ensure that these representatives rule as per the wishes of the people? How to make sure that those who the people don t like do not remain their representatives? This requires a mechanism by which people can choose their representatives at regular intervals and change them if they wish to do so.Unless we find out how attitudes change, and what conditions account for such change, it would not be possible to take steps to bring about attitude change.One might make a choice for the control only to find out later that it does not suit to the requirements.Can we make a tester using the magnetic effect of currents? Let us find out.What will the Duck do to make the Kangaroo feel comfortable over land and sea? Let us find out how they go about it.Conduct a survey of households in your neighbourhood and among friends to find out how many children are suffering from respiratory problems.You will find out what is required to make it work, as well as the ways in which the media affects our daily lives.The Right to Information Act is a good example of a law that empowers the people to find out what is happening in government and act as watchdogs of democracy.You will find out more about the spread of peasant societies, the rise of regional and imperial state formations — sometimes at the cost of pastoral and forest people — the development of Hinduism and Islam as major religions and the arrival of European trading companies.You will find out about the small cottagers in England, the wheat farmers of the USA, and the opium producers of Bengal.Next time you see a Sulabh toilet, you might want to find out yourself how it functions! Public facilities relate to our basic needs and the Indian Constitution recognises the right to water, heath, education etc as being a part of the Right to Life.

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