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Since all parts of the rock do not expand and contract at the same rate, this results in the formation of cracks and ultimately the huge rocks break up into smaller pieces.Understandability means decision-makers must interpret accounting information in the same sense as it is prepared and conveyed to them.Asexual reproduction in liverworts takes place by fragmentation of thalli, or by the formation of specialised structures called gemmae (sing.Financial statements show aggregate information but not detailed information.The family, reference groups, personal experiences and the media may play a role in the learning of prejudices (see section on 'Attitude Formation and Change').for planning, controlling and decision-making and external users who have limited authority, ability and resources to obtain the necessary information and have to rely on financial statements (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss account).To ensure reliability, the information disclosed must be credible, verifiable by independent parties use the same method of measuring, and be neutral and faithful.But, sometimes, the trial balance along with some additional information is given for this purpose.The rate of formation is much smaller than the rate at which the humans consume these minerals.On one hand, there are excellent programmes that emphasise positive interpersonal attitudes and provide useful factual information, teaching children how to design and construct certain objects.When historians read documents, maps and texts from the past they have to be sensitive to the different historical backgrounds – the contexts – in which information about the past was produced.Access saves the design of the report, which consists of information structure along with various controls to display information content and its record source.It will not undergo any further transformation at the hands of any producer.This transformation from a plant to a finished product involves three types of economic activities.It is thus no surprise that nervous tissue is made up of an organised network of nerve cells or neurons, and is specialised for conducting information via electrical impulses from one part of the body to another.

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