Freeze example sentences

The melting point of pure ethanoic acid is 290 K and hence it often freezes during winter in cold climates.Listen, Tilloo! I work on a surface where an ordinary person cannot survive because the air is too thin to breathe and where the temperature is so low that you would freeze to death.The analysis also provides the basis for many governmental actions relating to licensing, controls, fixing of prices, ceiling on profits, dividend freeze, tax subsidy and other concessions to the corporate sector.If this water later freezes, it would cause the cracks to widen.

Meaning in Hindi Meaning in English 1. News-Press Cartoon: Rent Freeze 2. Glendale City Council adopts temporary rent freeze but appears to reject rent control 3. 6 months after implementing a hiring freeze, Burbank warms up to filling empty positions 4. Judge freezes Faraday Future CEO's ownership stake as the future of the electric car startup is in question 5. SEC says Orange County money manager lied to investors, misspent client funds 6. Glendale City Council eyes rent freeze as it considers long-term solutions to rising rents 7. Trump's pay freeze for federal workers may be his most cynical and self-destructive stunt yet 8. Credit freezes are now free nationwide 9. Does a credit freeze hurt your credit scores? 10. Deep freeze grips parts of U.S. 11. Dodgers freeze up in Boston 12. Experian flaw reveals PINs protecting credit data 13. Debbie Allen tackles gun violence, race relations in 'Freeze Frame' 14. Skyrocketing public pensions, long injury leaves and big bills for taxpayers: Inside L.A.'s DROP program 15. Early morning frost on your window? Parts of Southern California get hard-freeze warnings 16. Equifax's free credit freeze won't fully protect you, so here's what to do 17. Hugh Freeze abruptly resigns from Mississippi after school finds 'pattern of personal misconduct' 18. What we learned in the NHL last week: Dave Hakstol is out at Philadelphia, but Joel Quenneville isn't in 19. 2 Iranians indicted in ransomware attacks. Targets included an L.A. hospital and San Diego's port 20. Burbank Parks and Recreation tries to maintain service levels during the summer