Freeze example sentences

Listen, Tilloo! I work on a surface where an ordinary person cannot survive because the air is too thin to breathe and where the temperature is so low that you would freeze to death.The melting point of pure ethanoic acid is 290 K and hence it often freezes during winter in cold climates.The analysis also provides the basis for many governmental actions relating to licensing, controls, fixing of prices, ceiling on profits, dividend freeze, tax subsidy and other concessions to the corporate sector.If this water later freezes, it would cause the cracks to widen.

Meaning in Hindi Meaning in English 1. Trump announces freeze on elephant trophy imports in tweet 2. In the face of a threat, narwhals respond in just about the worst possible way 3. Iraq dismisses Kurdish offer to ‘freeze' independence vote 4. Equifax's free credit freeze won't fully protect you, so here's what to do 5. Hugh Freeze abruptly resigns from Mississippi after school finds 'pattern of personal misconduct' 6. Early morning frost on your window? Parts of Southern California get hard-freeze warnings 7. Debbie Allen tackles gun violence, race relations in 'Freeze Frame' 8. UPS will freeze pensions of thousands of nonunion employees 9. Caught up in the Equifax hack? Here's one thing you can do to protect yourself 10. Sen. Elizabeth Warren slams Equifax and introduces bill to ban fees for freezing credit 11. Saving for retirement can't wait 12. UC regents approve first tuition increase after six-year freeze; some students 'infuriated' 13. Midwest socked by powerful Arctic freeze 14. Snowstorm continues to blanket Deep South before heading north 15. Science says winter is arriving later, departing earlier 16. Saving for retirement also means planning for the tax hit 17. Polar vortex moves east and south, widening deep freeze to Atlanta 18. Don DeLillo's deep freeze: 'Zero K' takes on death, futurists and cryonics 19. California assemblywoman introduces bill to freeze Cal State tuition until 2020 20. Ukraine's freeze on military exports to Russia carries risks