Groom example sentences

The best friends of the groom/ bride meet before the wedding a few times, make posters, write speeches and organise contests.A brass-band playing a popular tune from an Indian film headed the procession, with the bridegroom riding a decorated horse.But although his guest was now so well groomed, the ironmaster did not seem pleased.They were good-looking, healthy girls, and it was not difficult to find bridegrooms for them.The bride's friends ask difficult questions (sometimes about the bride, sometimes just difficult riddles), and the groom must answer with the help of his friends.When the groom arrives to fetch the bride for the registration, he has to figureht to get her! Russians usually live in apartments in tall buildings, and the groom has to climb several stairs to reach his bride.The bridegroom lifted the garland of yellow marigolds.“Bholi will be lucky to get such a well-to-do bridegroom.Earlier, the bride's family paid for the reception, but now-a-days brides' and grooms' families usually share expenses.Sasikala finds her a burden but Sivaraman can't find a suitable groom due to lack of money.A wedding toast is a custom where a close friend or relative of the groom or the bride says a few words to wish the couple, then everyone raises their glass of wine, and drink it up at the same moment.After some time, the bride gets 'stolen'! She disappears, and when the groom starts looking for her, he is asked to pay a fee.

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