Horizon example sentences

” Balance sheet is usually prepared in horizontal ('T') form with assets shown on the right hand side and capital and liabilities on the left.The Form s property sheet can be opened by double-click at Form selector, which is located at the left most intersection of vertical and horizontal rulers.It places the horizontal threads ( called the weft) into the verticle threads (called the warp).To adjust controls on the same horizontal line, Align-Top or Bottom options can be used.Formal communication may be further classified as ertical and Horizontal.Mendeleev arranged elements in horizontal rows and vertical columns of a table in order of their increasing atomic weights in such a way that the elements with similar properties occupied the same vertical column or group.The horizontal rows (which Mendeleev called series) are called periods and the vertical columns, groups.Right click the mouse at the black spot appearing at the left of horizontal ruler of above report.However, it can be observed just before sunrise or just after sunset, near the horizon.Spacing of controls allows to change (increase or decrease) the relative position of selected controls by one grid point horizontally or vertically.This property is meant to determine whether the text in a control appears horizontally or vertically.The lower horizons of the soil are occupied by Kankar because of the increasing calcium content downwards.Charges do not flow in a copper wire by themselves, just as water in a perfectly horizontal tube does not flow.Paste it by horizontal and vertical dragging to give suitable width and height.These had created different horizontal layers in the forest.

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