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This property indicates whether the Tab key can be used to enter a control or not.It indicates gross margin or mark-up on products sold.In order to indicate to the government that untouchability was still being practised and in the most hideous manner, Dalit groups demanded new laws that would list the various sorts of violence against dalits and prescribe stringent punishment for those who indulge in them.In order to assess self-esteem we present a variety of statements to a person, and ask her/ him to indicate the extent to which those statements are true for her or him.In accounting, the terms — debit and credit indicate whether the transactions are to be recorded on the left hand side or right hand side of the account.This means that, if a person exhibits one type of intelligence, it does not necessarily indicate being high or low on other types of intelligences.In the above case, the debt ratio is less than half which indicates reasonable funding by debt and adequate security of debt.Her manner indicated that what was coming — this letter from Wanda's father — was a matter of great importance.As indicated in Figureure 2, the stresses which people experience also vary in terms of intensity (low intensity vs.For example, we may ask a child to indicate the extent to which statements such as “I am good at homework”, or “I am the one usually chosen for the games”, or “I am highly liked by my peers”, are true of her/ him.The amount of cash from operations' indicate the internal solvency level of the company, and is regarded as the key indicator of the extent to which the operations of the enterprise have generated sufficient cash flows to maintain the operating capability of the enterprise, paying dividends, making of new investments and repaying of loans without recourse to external source of financing.It indicates how far they have helped in improving the performance.Its symbol is ?fH0, where the subscript ' f ' indicates that one mole of the compound in question has been formed in its standard state from its elements in their most stable states of aggregation.These are the statements which indicate the relationship of different items of a financial statement with some common item by expressing each item as a percentage of the common item.Paste another text control below, the label oucher No: to indicate Debit in case of Credit voucher and Credit in case of Debit oucher.

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