Jar example sentences

One hears the bells of the Rajarajeshvara temple built by King Rajaraja Chola.On the western coast there were important weaving centres in Gujarat.In states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra overgrazing is one of the main reasons for land degradation.Try the same activity by growing money plant in a jar of water and record your observations.Rajasthan is the largest producer of bajra followed by Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Haryana.The densely populated states of Gujarat and Maharashtra provide both skilled and semi-skilled labour.Raja Ajit Singh of Jodhpur held the governorship of Gujarat and Sawai Raja Jai Singh of Amber was governor of Malwa.The Narmada basin covers parts of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.Do you notice a reference to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in the news collage on this page? This was in the context of the riots in Gujarat in 200 A large number of cases were filed in the courts against those accused of rioting and massacre of nearly 2000 persons, mostly Muslims.Amul is another success story of cooperatives in milk and milk products from Gujarat.Peter Mundy, an English trader who came to India during the early seventeenth century, has described the Banjaras: In the morning we met a tanda of Banjaras with14,000 oxen.For instance, tea is mainly produced in Assam; cotton in Gujarat and Maharashtra; jute in West Bengal and Orissa; sugar in U.Gujarati traders, including the communities of Hindu Baniyas and Muslim Bohras, traded extensively with the ports of the Red Sea, Persian Gulf, East Africa, Southeast Asia and China.These Banjaras carry their household – wives and children – along with them.In Gujarat, the Sabarmati-basin farmers were agitated and almost caused a riot over the higher priority given to water supply in urban areas, particularly during droughts.

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