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The part of the Himalayas lying between Satluj and Kali rivers is known as Kumaon Himalayas.For alkali metals and halogens, as we descend the groups, the principal quantum number (n) increases and the valence electrons are farther from the nucleus.The novel describes the community life of the Mallas in great detail, their Holi and Kali Puja festivals, boat races, bhatiali songs, their relationships of friendship and animosity with the peasants and the oppression of the upper castes.Boron does not react with acids and alkalies even at moderate temperature; but aluminium dissolves in mineral acids and aqueous alkalies and thus shows amphoteric character.Thus, the maximum chemical reactivity at the extreme left (among alkali metals) is exhibited by the loss of an electron leading to the formation of a cation and at the extreme right (among halogens) shown by the gain of an electron forming an anion.Both Dala and Ramkali are among the poorest people in the village.When it emerges fully, the goddess inside will escape, and the evil period of the Kaliyug will end on earth.The Kali and Tista rivers demarcate the Nepal Himalayas and the part lying between Tista and Dihang rivers is known as Assam Himalayas.Eventually, Prashant reached his village, Kalikuda.It is a powerful reducing agent and reduces almost all metal oxides other than those of the alkali and alkaline earth metals, aluminium and a few transition metals.For example, the Group 1 elements (alkali metals) all have ns1 valence shell electronic.The solutions which resist change in pH on dilution or with the addition of small amounts of acid or alkali are called Buffer Solutions.This situation occurs in the case of alkali metals which have a lone ns-outermost electron preceded by a noble gas electronic configureuration.The mucus alongwith the bicarbonates from the pancreas protects the intestinal mucosa from acid as well as provide an alkaline medium (pH 8) for enzymatic activities.Dala complains about his situation to Ramkali, who is another farm labourer.

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