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Therefore, a label control has been used for this purpose.The Title of the oucher Form has been written by using the Label Control.Set the Font weight property to bold, the fore colour to red and green respectively to distinguish between debit and credit list control and re-size the label control by increasing its width to accommodate the text to caption of label.The location selected becomes the upper left corner of the text box, and the attached label appears to the left of where the text control is dropped.For example, the labels containing instructions can be displayed on the screen but not on the printer.Move the pointer into the header area and click where the label is desired to be placed and then type the text of title.are added because every such added control has to be labeled to inform the user as to what data to enter or edit through the control.The default caption of the label is the caption of the field that underlies the control to which it is bound.List control may be used next to Debit and Credit labels in a simple transaction voucher, so as to locate the accounts to be debited or credited.These labels are meant to define the pre-printed content of the voucher as per design.Click at label control in tool box and add it to the centre top of lefthand side of the Form to add the title: Transaction oucher.Select the label by right clicks and remove it by clicking at Cut.Images of Indian gods and goddesses regularly appeared on these labels.Alternatively and in addition to the above, more formatting options can be exercised by right clicking at the label control and clicking at Properties item of drop down window of right click action.Blank space next to Amount label, for example, is a text box control to receive the value of amount of voucher.

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