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It may be noted that this account does not show any non-item like depreciation.While some English team games like hockey and football became international games, played all over the world, cricket remained a colonial game, limited to countries that had once been part of the British empire.Classifications are useful because they enable users like psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers to communicate with each other about the disorder and help in understanding the causes of psychological disorders and the processes involved in their development and maintenance.In a developing country like India such choices have to be made to remove or reduce unemployment, to improve access to education and primary health care for all, to provide for good administration, to provide sufficiently for the defence of the country and so on.Irrigation methods like dams, tanks and canals have been used in various parts of India since ancient times.Human causes include such unexpected events like dishonesty, carelessness or negligence of employees, stoppage of work due to power failure, strikes, riots, management inefficiency, etc.Like the brain, the culture in which we have been brought up also influences our listening and learning abilities., Pauling scale, Mulliken-Jaffe scale, Allred-Rochow scale have been developed.Unlike foreign direct investments, the investor under portfolio investment does not get directly involved into production and marketing operations.Human resources like other resources are not equally distributed over the world.He further cautions him that each method has its own advantages and limitations and his final choice should be based on factors like the purpose and period for which funds are required.The processing of information related to social objects (particularly individuals, groups, people, relationships, social issues, and the like) differs from the processing of information related to physical objects.Such particles are also produced during industrial processes like steel making and mining.Most people believe that the majority is more likely to be right rather than wrong.At the time of cytoplasmic division, organelles like mitochondria and plastids get distributed between the two daughter cells.

Meaning in Hindi Meaning in English 1. Review: Cross-cultural indie drama 'Nigerian Prince' feels like a missed opportunity 2. What is AFM? Everything you need to know about the polio-like virus suddenly affecting children across the U.S. 3. Review: Rock 'n' roll horror film 'High Voltage' suffers from low wattage 4. It's like a professional game of tag, only with kicks and tackling, and India is riveted 5. Feinstein vs. De Leon was like watching a high school civics teacher debate an earnest infomercial salesman 6. Paralyzing polio-like illness affecting mainly children is confirmed in 22 states, CDC says 7. Journalists are routinely murdered around the world. They deserve outrage just like Jamal Khashoggi 8. Chargers' relentless pass rush makes Browns look like sad sacks 9. A Word, Please: The unexplained controversy around ‘like’ instead of ‘such as’ 10. Democrats, whatever you do when you seize the House in November, don't act like Newt Gingrich 11. There's nothing like ending a day of flying by crawling into bed with a stranger — by accident 12. If time is money, skipping airport lines will save you some bucks and aggravation. Here's how to travel like a rock star 13. Conor McGregor explains why he looked so weird throwing a football: I didn't want to rip my suit 14. The American Music Awards plays like an exercise in not trying very hard 15. Did we learn anything from Proposition 13? Proposition 5 says no 16. Trump's approval rating is in the dumps, even though the economy is soaring. One reason is Trump himself 17. UCLA quarterback directs hurry-up offense against California 18. Critic's Choice: Documentary 'Moynihan' shows they don't make politicians like this anymore 19. No score after two innings 20. A lawsuit charges that LaCroix's natural water is full of synthetic ingredients. But the lawsuit looks like a crock