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In general, the term “Depreciation” means decline in the value of a fixed assets due to use, passage of time or obsolescence.Many towns manufacturing specialised goods declined due to a drop in the demand for what they produced.It is clear from the Table 1 that there is substantial decline in poverty ratios in India from about 55 per cent in 1973 to 36 per cent in 199 The proportion of people below poverty line further came down to about 26 per cent in 2000.The Pepsi Cola controversy raises an interesting question: Why are soft drinks giants, Coca-Cola and Pepsico putting in so much effort on publicity campaigns in India after the decline in their sales? The answer lies in the fact that their success is dependent not merely on their internal management, but also on many external forces as, for example, decisions and actions of governments, consumers, other business firms and even non-government organisations (NGOs) like CSE.To locate Sirius, imagine a straight line passing through the three middle stars of Orion.There was a separate room for bathing, and wastewater was directed to the covered drains which lined the major streets.The quality of workmanship and the quantity of output depends on the hard work, discipline and loyalty of the workers.As a result of changes in the rules of industrial licensing and entry of foreign firms, competition for Indian firms has increased especially in service industries like telecommunications, airlines, banking, insurance, etc.Sello-taped to the top of it was a piece of lined notepaper, and written on it in shaky handwriting: “Jim's last letter, received January 25, 191 To be buried with me when the time comes.Two such examples are social facilitation/ inhibition, i.e. the improvement/decline in performance in the presence of others, and helping, or pro-social behaviour, i.e. responding to others who are in need or distress.Quartz, cristobalite and tridymite are some of the crystalline forms of silica, and they are interconvertable at suitable temperature.No other country has a long coastline on the Indian Ocean as India has and indeed, it is India's eminent position in the Indian Ocean which justifies the naming of an Ocean after it.Similarly, political competition may cause divisions and some ugliness, but it finally helps to force political parties and leaders to serve the people.The local weed (vallineria, hydrilla) that grows in the lake is the food of the fish.Orthoboric acid, H3BO3 is a white crystalline solid, with soapy touch.

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