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Liturgical example sentences

Meaning in Hindi Meaning in English 1. Pope in Easter Vigil baptizes eight adults, including Nigerian migrant hailed in Italy as a hero 2. 2018 Met Gala recap: Vatican yellow, cardinal red and religious iconography take wing 3. Trifonov and Babayan shine as student-master piano duo 4. Diocese of Orange baptizes more than 1,000 in annual Easter vigil 5. Choirs, candles, stained-glass and other symbols of faith still stir me 6. The remixed fairy tales of Mallory Ortberg's 'The Merry Spinster' 7. Pope Francis disappoints fans of Latin Mass 8. A musical saint and her discontents at the Monday Evening Concerts 9. Craft & Folk Art Museum weaves 'Little Dreams in Glass and Metal' 10. Pope Francis takes over Knights of Malta after condom dispute 11. Crystal Cathedral enters a new era as it transforms into Christ Cathedral 12. Pope Francis' pledge of 'zero tolerance' for sex abuse faces a test: A top Vatican official is charged 13. Bach's Clavier-Ubung III -- another Disney first 14. PASSINGS: Thomas W. Ludlow Ashley, Basil Myron Schott 15. Pope Francis, Esquire's 'Best Dressed Man of 2013' 16. Crystal Cathedral closing for transformation into Catholic cathedral 17. San Diego judge: Yoga case 'almost like a trial by Wikipedia' 18. Thursday's TV highlights: 'A Christmas Story' and more 19. Dead Sea Scrolls show said to be largest ever 20. Don't by fooled by pope's latest move: Carnival time is over