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Any legal change must carefully look at what results it will have on politics.Like the Nathpanthis, Siddhas and Yogis, the Sufis too believed that the heart can be trained to look at the world in a different way.Finally, we take another leap and look at democracies in the year 2000, at the beginning of the twenty-first century.A closer look at the above situations reveals that two conditions need to be satisfied for work to be done: a force should act on an object, and the object must be displaced.Let us look at some of the successful slogans given by different political parties in various elections.If you look at the southern part of India in the map you will see a second cluster of cotton weaving centres along the Coromandel coast stretching from Madras to northern Andhra Pradesh.In this chapter we will look at how these representatives are elected.We also look at how disputes regarding these decisions are resolved.If we wish to assess a democracy, it is important to look at the elections.Look at the physical map of Asia in your atlas, and note how India stands apart from the rest of Asia.In what ways can one increase employment for people? Let us look at some of them.In this chapter, we shall look at some of our resources and how we are using them.But looking to other sources of energy is not the only consideration when we look at the consumption of coal and petroleum.” “Don't you want to have a look at the sights, now that you're here?” “All by myself? Oh, I'd be much too afraid.If you look at the map of mid-eighteenth-century Europe you will find that there were no 'nation-states' as we know them today.

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